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A little vice (Almost) all Italian

Ruby's case and exploded, much to the amazement of everyone, even the most reluctant to admit it. For days, virtually no mention of another, in newspapers, on radio and television: everything else is secondary, temporarily left in a limbo of cotton wool, almost as if there were, while securities and attention are all for Berlusconi and, occasionally, for a so Marchionne peeping in the sidebars. In all this chaos, some interesting news to the media could escape our own.

That today's appearance on the BBC website , could be particularly "juicy", especially at a time when Italy is shaken, but unfortunately I fear that this is hyperbole, by a burst of moral issues. The news is this: in Ireland erupted a document of January 1997 rekindling the debate, in fact never reached a conclusion, but merely dormant, pedophilia scandal involving the Vatican. This is a letter that adds a piece to the revelation of that secret is to try to cover up child abuse by priests.

E 'providential that he learns in these days, and is a vero peccato che non se ne parli di più. Mi scuseranno se parlo di Provvidenza e di Peccato, ma giuro che lo faccio in nome mio, non in nome di Dio. Apprendendo la notizia in questione, non ho potuto contenere un senso estremo di deja vù : a quanto pare, è un vizietto quasi tutto italiano quello di fare del sesso e delle sue deviazioni un tabù a scoppio ritardato.

I bambini non si toccano. Ma se li tocchi, fallo di nascosto. La magistratura non deve mettere bocca su quello che accade fra le quattro mura di una casa. E questo vale anche per la casa del Signore, of course . Del resto, loro lo sanno a memoria il diritto divino, e scordano sempre il perdono. Tranne, needless to say, for themselves and their fellow snacks. 'S interview with Vittorio Messori appeared today on the columns of The Journal houses between the aberrant and terrifying. Deserves a neologism: abbiacciante or agghiarrante , you name it.

Warning. I'm not saying that Berlusconi is a pedophile. the presumption of innocence until the third grade of the trial is sacrosanct, and that applies no matter how certain are the evidence and how this resulting in public outcry. And I do not feel even to invoke the resignation , which are a big dick in which the left seems all too fond of her. But our Prime Minister for years now, has shown, moreover implicitly boasted of being the private person is very different from the character made for the consumption of the public.

In other words, it has been shown unequivocally to be a hypocrite . It 'just Messori to argue that "the sin that most is angry Jesus in the Gospels is hypocrisy, ie appear as obsequious and moral, but then have a private life that goes somewhere else " except then remain greedy after all, declaring that "it is certainly better than a politician pimp but makes good laws of a prominent catholic who then makes laws contrary to the Church . "Vittorio greedy!

I do not hate the Vatican, do not hate the Church and not hate priests. and striving to be more realistic I could even accept an axiom similar to good. But we are not talking about salus animarum . We're not talking about bioethics, family law and religious freedom, but a lot of interest of land, materials, and often even cheap. Then, c 'is really little room for conciliatory statements like the one above. And here Golosastro Messori gives his best, saying

Us the usual, that is the usual confusion. The word Church expresses a double meaning, includes both the guardian and dispenser of the sacraments, is the institution that lives in history, has at the same time of austere spiritual directors and confessors, and skillful and pragmatic diplomacy. Between the Vatican and the Italian government, there are reports from State to State. Pope entrusts to him that in fact is called Secretary of State, which is certainly a very good priest, but in dealing with the government does the confessor or spiritual director

of climbing mirrors so that could be extending to him the miraculous beatification, but that sounds like a misguided attempt suggest the higher spheres of granting a 'premier plenary indulgence to which he for the Catholic Church has done so much. I'm quite sorry, but I still want to break a lance in favor of the Vatican. I believe very strongly in the good will of those men of faith who support this government with a clear conscience. And I believe that no-fault still have not realized that this government (and is not the only, nor will it be) exploits the Church and religion only in times of election or lack of consent, to make leverage of uncertain 'Catholic voters and stealing of useful numbers to promote their porcellum .

I believe that Ratzinger, Bertone and priests attached to intervene on political and even economic because they are aware that something is wrong with this political class. And I want to say something, something very simple.
I Lateran, in theory, forbidden to men of the Church of doing politics. Consistency would categorically that they refrain from expressing on matters of state. Yet, for years and without reserve, you cardinals and bishops, with the utmost candor make their shoulders to get national exposure and give your opinion on everything. I assume you have your reasons for doing so, you have some valid and indispensable moral reasons that prevent you to stick to the fulfillment of a treaty internazionale.

Col senno di poi, i Patti Lateranensi hanno rappresentato una mordacchia che per ottant'anni vi ha impedito di curarvi del benessere vostro e delle vostre pecorelle, costringendovi a delegare una grossa fetta di tale responsabilità alle mani di pastori come lupi. Direi che, a questo punto, sarebbe il caso di rescindere questo trattato e di rinunciare a tutti i privilegi che esso vi ha comunque garantito, e di riprendervi, contestualmente, il diritto di fondare un vostro partito. Così, potrete finalmente marcare una linea politica autenticamente cattolica da sottoporre democraticamente al vaglio del popolo italiano, evitando le ingerenze di una mano invisibile. Ed evitando che, inavvertitamente, hand wash it another.


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